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Transfer Switches


Transfer Switches - Midwest Electric

Transfer Switches

The Midwest line of heavy duty manual transfer switches provide reliable, and trouble-free transfer of power from the normal utility supplied source to a stand-by generator enabling the user to maintain power during utility down time periods. The "double throw" mechanism helps prevent dangerous backfeeding of generator power into the utility system. The Midwest transfer switch is designed to be fully operational and switchable at full rated capacity.

The Midwest transfer switch is available in single phase and three phase configurations, 100-400 amperes and in ratings through 600V. Typical applications include poultry farms and dairy farms, ventilation in animal confinement buildings, crop drying, and anywhere an extended loss of normal power service would result in severe loss, damage or inconvenience.

Features and Benefits

Rugged Durability:

  • Quick-Make, Quick-Break switch mechanism on most models
  • All-In-One Construction for factory assured terminations
  • Bus bars used to interconnect main and standby switches on most models
  • Knife blade switch contacts provide long life
  • Heavy zinc coated steel with highest quality electro- deposition finish resists corrosion and fading
  • Welded flange NEMA 3R construction for lasting service in out-door installations
  • Quality user tested components for long life
  • UL Listed "Suitable for use as service equipment when installed in accordance with the NEC."

User Safety:

  • Interlock allows door opening only when switch is in the off position
  • Padlock provision in all three on-off-on transfer positions
  • Door has padlock provision

Installation Ease:

  • Optional neutral kit available for both 240 volt and 600-volt
  • Broad range of concentric knockouts to accommodate varied wiring needs
  • All terminals accept copper or aluminum wire for added installation flexibility 

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