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Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Midwest Heavy Duty Safety Switch

Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Heavy Duty (Type MH) switches are designed for commercial and industrial applications where safety and superior reliability are essential. The maximum voltage is 600 Vac / 250 Vdc. Our Heavy Duty switches provide superior endurance performance and, when used with Class R or J fuses, 30-200A switches have a UL listed short-circuit rating of 200KAIC. They are UL listed as service equipment when installed in accordance with the National Electric Code.

All heavy duty safety switches are UL and cUL listed (UL98 Enclosed Switches) and meet NEMA Enclosed Safety Switch Standard KS1-2013, and also meet Federal Specification WS-865C.

Features and Benefits


  • 30-200 amperes
  • NEMA Type 1 or NEMA Type 3R enclosures
  • Fusible or Non-Fusible
  • 240 Vac / 250 Vdc
  • 2 pole or 3 pole
  • Horsepower rated

C/UL Listed Logo

User Safety

  • Highly visible ON/OFF label
  • Direct-drive, quick-make, quick–break mechanism "snaps" the contacts open and closed, providing positive ON/OFF indication
  • Highly visible, easy to grip upgraded "donut" handle that is ideal for hook stick operation. It accepts three padlocks in the OFF position
  • Coin-proof, defeatable dual interlocks
  • Visible confirmation of plated blades provide visible confirmation of contact position
  • Spring reinforced fuse clips that assure reliable contact for cool operation. Suitable for Class H, K, J or R fuses

Installation Ease

  • Wide, unobstructed gutter
  • Self-leveling three-point mounting system

Rugged Durability

  • NEMA Type 1 enclosures—powder coat painted steel
  • NEMA Type 3R enclosures—powder coat painted galvanized steel