Servicenter Integral Transformer and Distribution Panel

Midwest’s Servicenter mini-unit substation brings together three quality Midwest products in one convenient, compact solution: transformer, distribution panel and circuit breakers. It can be used for temporary or permanent installations. Available single-phase 5-25kVA and three-phase 15-30kVA.

Features and Benefits

  • Keyhole mounting flange facilitates easy mounting
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Front-accessible, hinged or removable panel door
  • Heat barrier under core and coil provides added electrical and thermal isolation for wiring compartment
  • High-efficiency core construction
  • Factory installed and wired main and secondary main circuit breakers



  • Vending or concession areas
  • Office buildings
  • Assembly lines
  • Mining applications
  • Parking lots
  • Light industrial areas
  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites


Product Scope

Transformer Section

Single Phase

  • Used wherever 480V power is available and 120 or 240V branch circuits are required
  • Encapsulated transformer design protects core and coil from adverse atmospheric conditions
  • 115°C rise, 180°C UL recognized insulation system
  • IS-12 insulation systems

Three Phase

  • Used wherever 240V delta, 480V delta or 600V delta is available and 208Y/120V circuits are required
  • 150°C rise, 220°C UL recognized insulation system
  • IS-19C insulation system


Distribution Panel Section

  • Rugged load center interior
  • Primary circuit breaker (included and factory installed)
  • Secondary breaker (included and factory installed)
  • Branch breakers (ordered separately): one-, two- or three-pole (three-phase) common trip
  • GE Circuit breakers and ground-fault breakers

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