The TPL load center is injection molded from thermoplastic resin. The result is a non-corrosive, enclosure that can withstand rough handling and Mother nature. In fact dropping a steel ball on the TPL from a heightof five feet at -35C during impact testing did not produce any fractures. With the TPL load center you can hang it, wire it, and forget it. You will come to rely on the TPL load center for mobile home park installations, hundreds of subpanel applications, and for circuit breaker enclosures almost anywhere.


Features and Benefits

  • Outdoor version
  • Includes Factory Installed Equipment Ground
  • UL Listed (Panelboards No. 67)
  • 60°C/75°C Conductor Rating
  • 10,000 Amps rms Symmetrical Short Circuit Rating
  • Thermoplastic Enclosure
  • 125 Amp Main lug only
  • 4 - 1" THQL 1 pole Breakers or 2 - 1" THQL 2 pole Breakers
  • 8 - 1/2" THQL 1 pole Breakers or 3 - 1/2" THQL 2 pole Breakers