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Temporary Power & Power Outlets

Temporary Power Equipment

Prior to permanent installation of the service equipment, a means of temporarily supplying power is required by the various construction trades. Many times, this requires several receptacles, over current protection and possibly a meter socket and GFCI, all designed for outdoor installation.

Site-Power™ construction site equipment from Midwest Electric combines all the required components in a single enclosure. Completely factory-assembled and factory-tested, Site-Power™ equipment comes to the construction job site ready for work. All you do is mount it, wire it, and it is ready to use over and over again. No need to field assemble individual parts, saving installation time. Site-Power™ protects itself against weather, vandalism, and nuisance tripping. The single, heavy-gauge NEMA 3R rainproof enclosure is lockable and is engineered for maximum protection of receptacles, cords, plugs, breakers, and GFCI's. Site-Power™ equipment complies with National Electrical Code and OSHA requirements.

Power Outlets For Farm, Home and Industry

The use of portable electrical equipment continues to increase thereby creating the need for conveniently located receptacles. Midwest Electric Power Outlets provide one or more receptacles, with or without overcurrent protection, in a single enclosure eliminating the need for several separately mounted components while providing maximum protection against weather and normal field use. Additionally, many models are offered that also include disconnecting, metering, and/or pedestal mounting functions in a single NEMA 3R enclosure/assembly.

Features & Benefits

Rugged Durability:

  • All-in-one construction for factory assured terminations
  • Rolled edge door for cord protection
  • Continuous duty meter socket with meter guides and reinforced jaws
  • Utility accepted meter sealing accommodations
  • Heavy G-90 galvanized steel with highest quality electro-deposition finish provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Welded flange NEMA 3R construction for lasting service in out-door installations

User Safety:

  • Dead front construction prevents accidental contact with live parts
  • Door has padlock provisions to prevent unauthorized access
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories

Installation Ease:

  • All components factory wired and assembled, reducing installation time
  • Door removable for installation ease; stay-open position for user convenience
  • All terminals accept copper or aluminum wire for added installation flexibility
  • Wide range of receptacle configurations
  • Broad range of concentric knock-outs to accommodate varied wiring needs
  • All units with factory installed equipment ground lug

Temporary Power Equipment

Power Outlets For Farm, Home and Industry