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Application Information

Today, most marinas and boat docks also provide shore power for their tenants. This application presents unique requirements including atmospheric conditions, receptacle versatility, rugged construction and attractiveness. Midwest Electric offers a complete line of metered and unmetered power outlets for marina applications and is the only U.S. manufacturer that offers a line of both metal and non-metallic power centers in either surface mount or pedestal configurations. All Midwest Electric marina power outlets utilize corrosion-resistant, grounding and locking type receptacles with individual circuit breaker protection enclosed in a single, easy to install enclosure. The different styles of construction in the products manufactured by Midwest Electric include:

  • Non-metallic power centers - DockPro™, Dockmaster™ and Dockmate™
  • Metallic power centers- Dockhand™ (featuring galvanized steel construction)

View marina requirements from the 2002 National Electric Code.

Midwest Electric is ready to provide you with just the right options to meet your unique marina needs. Click to learn more about DockPro™, Dockmaster™, Dockmate™ and Dockhand™ power centers, along with our new line of DockPro dock-lights and Firestation fire extinguisher safety pedestals. New for 2004 is our ability to incorporate a wireless remote metering option either as a turnkey package or as a field modification to our marina product line.

With so many possible combinations, it is a challenge to list them all in our e-CATALOG. Learn more about Midwest Electric's versatile marina lines in the full Marina Catalog!

Features & Benefits

Rugged Durability:

  • Non-metallic models utilize virgin (not recycled) resins, which provide for a higher degree of ultra-violet (UV) protection.
  • Receptacles are attached to an internal stainless steel mounting bracket as opposed to being attached with screws through the dead front. This feature eliminates areas of stress around those screws where cracks can begin to form due to the constant attaching and detaching of the shore power cord.
  • All metal units are painted twice with the final coat being an electro-statically applied powder spray coat. This process also enhances the UV protection as well as providing for a more corrosion resistant product.
  • All post and/or pedestal models include loop feed lugs as a standard feature.
  • Receptacle configurations from 20 amp to 100 amp single and 100 amp 3-phase cover all of your electrical requirements.

User Safety:

  • Dead front construction prevents accidental contact with live parts
  • Marina models are UL listed in their entirety, not just shown as using "UL approved" components. This ensures that you have the safest product available.
  • Midwest sources only the highest quality components and materials which are used in the manufacturing of our marina products. Safety is never compromised with the use or substitution of inferior products or cheaper materials.
  • Optional GFI circuit breakers can be incorporated in the DockPro, Dockmate & Dockmaster product lines offering a higher level of personnel protection.

Installation Ease:

  • All components factory wired and assembled, reducing installation time
  • All terminals accept copper or aluminum wire for added installation flexibility
  • Non-metallic units are designed to allow for easy receptacle change-outs. As your electrical requirements change our units are designed to be modified to grow with you.
  • Units are multi-listed for several major brands of circuit breakers including those from GE making it easy for replacement should it be necessary.
  • All internal metal components are of a stainless grade which aides in the prevention of corrosion.
  • External components are relatively maintenance free thus reducing labor costs to the marina.